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Independence Day Gratitude

5 Jul

I don’t know about you, but Independence Day fills me with thanks. I’m thankful for my Savior; for my family; for my country; for good food and hard work and fireworks and togetherness. I had a whole lot to be thankful for this Fourth of July.

I’m thankful for hard work that allows us to own a home where we can proudly display our nation’s beautiful flag.

I’m thankful for pretty geraniums blooming on my front porch.

Today I was really thankful for delicious holiday food. I’m convinced one way God shows His love for us is through food!

Ribs and corn on the grill…

Perfectly-cooked fried green tomatoes…

Peach cobbler made from scratch with Chilton County, Alabama, peaches.

I’m thankful for a healthy, smart, silly boy who loves Jesus and eats his vegetables. (Oh, and this is “Baby,” his ever-present companion.
I don’t know who would cry more if we lost Baby, him or me.)

I’m thankful for the hard work John and I did to prime our bathroom.
No more bland and boring beige walls!
A nice, light sage green is coming this weekend.

I’m thankful for sweet holiday arts and crafts from Mother’s Morning Out.

And I’m thankful for the fireworks we got. They made us all three very happy.

I know Thanksgiving is the traditional time to express thanks, but the Fourth of July puts me in a much more pronounced mood of gratitude. What a blessed life I lead. Thank You, Lord, for the blessings of my family and my nation. May I be worthy.

Photo Friday

17 Jun

My husband and I did a little re-decorating in our bedroom a few weeks ago. I’d gotten tired of the blue curtains that were too similar in color to the blue walls and blue comforter. I went on a days-long, stressful hunt for the perfect curtains, and found just the right ones at Walmart, of all places. The magnolia painting, precisely what I wanted, was on sale at Kohl’s. We took off the comforter for summer and are just using the white duvet. The room makes me happy now, and every time I walk in there, I think, “It looks like grownups live here!” 🙂

I’ve reacted strongly lately against the current trends in home decorating, which seem to fall into two camps only: mid-century modern; or beachy, with lots of white, oatmeal, turquoise, burlap and sticks. Well, I don’t like either of those styles. I am very much a traditional, Southern girl. I like warm colors, rich fabrics, cozy spaces, and lots of dark wood, books, color, and the hum of a life lived together comfortably. That’s far more vibrant and lasting to me than a white porcelain bird under a clear glass cloche, sorry!

be still my heart

23 Mar

Sometimes the prettiest flowers in the yard are weeds.

Especially when they’re picked for you by the sweetest boy on the block.

Y’all have a happy, springy, sunshiney day.


15 Dec

It’s cold out there in the mornings!

Taken 12/14/10, when it was 28 degrees outside!

Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

13 Dec

Hi there! You may be joining me from The Nester’s 2010 Christmas Tour of Homes. Glad to see you here. I participated in this the very first time it happened, when BooMama hosted it, but something’s kept me from it every other year. I’m happy to be back!

My husband and I live in Mississippi and have a three-year-old son who’s very in to all things Christmas this year, so we have lots of COLOR! I like to do something a little differently each year, or add something new. This year it’s my mantel and a sweet little deer. So have a look around…

This fella greets you on the front porch. My aunt got him for me at At West End‘s outlet (I’m so sorry if you don’t live in the Jackson, MS, area, because you would LOVE that place!), I painted him to be a shabby white, added fake poinsettias to his planter, and topped him off with a sweet bow my aunt made. I love this guy.

And then I decided I’d rather have him over by the front door. I’m allowed to change my mind! 😉

Here’s a close-up of my new wreath. My mom and I shared a box of 100 shatter-proof ornaments, and my aunt made the bow. A little placement and hot glue, and voila: a lovely new wreath. My old one was similar, but my mom made it five years ago, and the old girl was looking a little shabby and not so chic.

Come on inside! The high today here is 30, and in Mississippi, that’s COLD!!

Our tree at night. Yes, it’s fake, and yes, it’s pre-lit. I’m a big fan of multi lights, too. Can’t imagine having it any other way. I know that’s not the trend these days, but I’m not very trendy anyway!

We have this little three-footer in the kitchen. I love that I can sit on the couch at night and see the big tree, the little tree, and the mantel. So much color! This tree holds Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and New Orleans Saints ornaments and nothing else. Hotty Toddy, Go Dawgs and Who Dat!!

This painting hangs on the laundry room door. I painted it last year at Easely Amused. Sorry for the black boxes, but I’ve obscured our last name, and my husband (John) and I have a policy of not showing our son’s face or using his name on public parts of the Internet. We call him OT for short. Oh, Dacey is the cat. She said it was okay to show her name. 🙂

I also painted Rudolph last year at Easely Amused. He hangs by the mantel.

And now for this year’s new thing. I tried something with my mantel and hated it, so $20 at Hobby Lobby later, I’d gathered up silver bits and bobs and just re-did the whole thing. I love it now! Check it out…

From afar. Believe me, the lights and the sparkly bling are so pretty at night. The photos are OT’s Christmas card pictures from 2008 and 2009. We got a cute one of him this year, so there will be another frame to add to the group next year!

I got two boxes of silver/mercury glass balls, silver bead garland, a few picks of silvery things, a couple blingy ornaments, and some candles and tall holders (on clearance)!

Don’t you just love an apothecary jar? I got mine a couple years ago at TJ Maxx and use it all the time. I filled it with a few leftover ornaments and some sparkly crystals I’ve had for years. The candle is just wrapped in a glittery silver ribbon and held in place in the back with straight pins, but something was missing, so…

I got a $1 snowflake ornament at Walmart, superglued a thumbtack to the back of it, and stuck it into the candle. I saw these for sale at a Christmas show recently for upwards of $20, and since I thought that was basically theft, I decided to make my own. This won’t be the last you’ll see of candle bling from me!

Join me in praying for my mantel. Nothing at all is holding that garland up there other than the sheer force of her own will and determination to survive, so if she falls, there will be a lot of broken glass on the hearth!

THANK YOU for stopping by and reading my post. Feel free to stick around and add me to your reader. I hope to do more posts like this, plus lots about reading and writing. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

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