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Photo Friday

17 Jun

My husband and I did a little re-decorating in our bedroom a few weeks ago. I’d gotten tired of the blue curtains that were too similar in color to the blue walls and blue comforter. I went on a days-long, stressful hunt for the perfect curtains, and found just the right ones at Walmart, of all places. The magnolia painting, precisely what I wanted, was on sale at Kohl’s. We took off the comforter for summer and are just using the white duvet. The room makes me happy now, and every time I walk in there, I think, “It looks like grownups live here!” 🙂

I’ve reacted strongly lately against the current trends in home decorating, which seem to fall into two camps only: mid-century modern; or beachy, with lots of white, oatmeal, turquoise, burlap and sticks. Well, I don’t like either of those styles. I am very much a traditional, Southern girl. I like warm colors, rich fabrics, cozy spaces, and lots of dark wood, books, color, and the hum of a life lived together comfortably. That’s far more vibrant and lasting to me than a white porcelain bird under a clear glass cloche, sorry!

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