MSU vs. USM baseball game at Trustmark Park

13 Apr

Continuing along with my “what we’ve been doing this spring” theme is our visit to Trustmark Park last week (on John’s birthday!) to see the Mississippi State University Bulldogs take on the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle. Trustmark is where the Mississippi Braves, the AA farm team for Atlanta, play.We had GREAT seats close to home plate. I was given our seats for free from Spectrum Events just for hosting a ticket giveaway on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks, Spectrum!

It’s pretty clear who we were rooting for. 😉 My husband and both of my granddaddies are State men! OT proudly wore his shirt and let Bully share his seat.

Nice plug for Eat Jackson!

State at bat. They took an early lead, lost the lead for much of the game, and then re-gained the lead near the end.

By the bottom of the ninth, the whole crowd was standing and nearly silent. For a college game early on in the season, it was intense!

State won! Whew! Final score: 5-4


The weather was gorgeous, even though I was freezing by the end. It was a great night for me and my fellas! 🙂


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